I am happy to provide PDFs of released publications listed below. Please email me at to request them. 


Published papers

4. Zhao, L., Panayotova, I. N., Chuang, A., Sheldon, K. S., Bourouiba, L., & Miller, L. A. (2017). Flying Spiders: Simulating and Modeling the Dynamics of Ballooning. In Women in Mathematical Biology (pp. 179-210). Springer, Cham. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-60304-9_10

3. Sheldon, K. S., Zhao, L., Chuang, A., Panayotova, I. N., Miller, L. A., & Bourouiba, L. (2017). Revisiting the physics of spider ballooning. In Women in Mathematical Biology (pp. 163-178). Springer, Cham. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-60304-9_9

2. Chuang, A. and Peterson, C. R. 2016. Expanding population edges: theories, traits, and trade-offs. Global Change Biology 22: 494–512.

1. Blamires, S., Piorkowski, D., Chuang, A., Tseng, Y.-H., Toft, S., and I-M Tso. 2015. Can differential nutrient extraction explain property variations in a predatory trap? Royal Society Open Science. 2: 140479. DOI: 10.1098/rsos.140479

Press Releases: Spiders customize their webs based on diet; Custom web design keeps spiders in business

Published reviews

2. Chuang, A. & J. M. Bush. (2017). Book Review: Judith S. Weis and Daniel Sol (eds): Biological Invasions and Animal Behaviour, Biological Invasions.

1. Chuang, A. (2017). Game changers, Science. 355(6325): 587-587.


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